Saturday, January 25, 2003

Cool Blogs Found

I received some email from some new folks the past few days, who seem to have found Half-Bakered through this blog. It's the work of an Ole Miss student, Chris Lawrence. Go check out the blog and the rest of his website, It's all good and Chris has wide-ranging and fascinating interests.

I turned up more blogs from the emailers and other places, including the utterly amazing GeoURL a " reverse location-to-URL directory." Basically, you enter your ISP's URL and a distance range, and GeoURL will identify all the websites within that geographic range. (There are some limitations.) It's how I found some of the following:

Mike James' blog Tread lightly on the things of the earth is, to use his own description, a "weblog about computing, politics, and faith." Very good reading. Check out the photos, too; especially the one of Mike trying out "reclining computing." (For real!) I also have to note that I really admire his site design.

Another Oxford student, Loyd Goodbar, maintains The Black Robes, a personal blog, with interesting content including an observation on mall closings.

Loyd's site led me to the Southern blogs netring, twenty-six "Southern" websites of varying quality and interests.

Yet another student blog at here. Lots of pics of partying college students.

Gammatron is Paul Novarese's wide-ranging, but terse, weblog.

There's lots more. You can go to this list, which is centered on Memphis, Tennessee. Or go to GeoURL and enter your own latitude and longitude, and your ISP's URL to find ones close to you. Maybe some of you NashVillains or KnoxVegans can give it a shot and see what turns up. Some fascinating folks out there.

Man, the web is a daily wonder!

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