Wednesday, April 21, 2004

How Ya Like Me Now?

Fiddled with the template last night, switching to a three-column format so as to get the Rocky Top Brigade blogroll up to the top of the page. I'm also considering putting a PayPal link up in that corner. The page loads a bit slower now, yes, but I think I like this look a little better.

I tried an Arial font for the post body, from a Times New Roman, but I think it makes the whole blog look pretty samey. Maybe switching back to TNR? We'll see. (UPDATE: I switched back. Is the font too small to read clearly? Seems OK to me and I like the look.)

Both side columns shouldn't break any of the individual link names, although I had to specify width in pixels for the right column to work. It does fine unspecified when I do it locally on my browser, but when I load the template into Blogger, the right side column is far too narrow for some reason. Who knows why....

I also added a small banner-thingy over the center column where I can change the text whenever the mood suits, but still keep the "Reading the Memphis papers..." header. Folks seem to look for that. Anyway, the "world class" bit is a jab at our civic booster types' favorite adjective. Every time I hear that phrase, I instantly know that the project described is an expensive boondoggle.

Anyway, opinions solicited! Good, bad, indifferent, whatever. Except for the "white text on black background" thing. I'm sticking with that one. Deal with it.

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