Saturday, April 24, 2004

Weird Spam

Got some truly odd spam today in the blog mailbox. It was titled "Saddam Hussein Escapes." The attachment, some html, claimed a BBC story was reporting that Saddam had escaped, but had a link like this: http://123.456.789.123/pics. Of course my spider-sense was tingling, and I was deeply skeptical, but this email also had a sense of someone who wanted to share some comedy graphics or something, which I've branched out into, so I cut'n'pasted the link. The result?

A website for Viagra. GAAAH!!

I knew it. Some advice for folks who want to email me? A lot of email has been deleted from the mailbox because it has subject lines like "hey" or "see this" or "a funny website." I once got some flamemail from a guy who called me "an evil fuck" and a Nazi who enjoyed gassing children and minorities simply because I hadn't responded to his first email, which was titled "hey." Duh. I almost skipped a funny blog today because the subject line wasn't distinctive.

And don't just put the blog name in the subject, either. I get tons of spam with the blog name. Make it unique, OK? Like "H-B, funny graphics link," "Free beef tacos for you!" or something. I haven't gotten a virus on my computer in quite a few years because I'm so hardline on emails and attachments. I'm sorry to make y'all work harder, but that's how it is.

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