Saturday, April 24, 2004

Wendi Gets Her Wish

UPDATE: There is now a mirror for the Dover photos, which seems to be working as of Saturday evening: Warblogging's mirror site.

The Commercial Appeal today prints a photo from the MemoryHole collection of Dover AFB photos of caskets arriving from Iraq. Good for them.

The story is careful to emphasize context, that is how the photos are presented and the material or stories that accompany or surround them. Good for them.

I think these photos should be published. As a supporter of the War on Terror: Iraqi Front, I think it's vital to never forget the final price of war. The media acting as a filter for me is a repugnant idea. Make the pictures available, then let the people decide whether or not to view them. That's the right way.

Memorial Day is coming up. Hopefully, at least one of these pictures will be in the paper on that day.

[Note: The Memory Hole is being overwhelmed with traffic and may be hard to get to. That alone is a sign of how people feel about the issue of releasing the photos. While you're at the site, take a moment to look at some of the other war pictures and other documents they feature. Memory Hole is dedicated to keeping alive those Web documents and other things that get taken down by embarrassed folks.]

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