Monday, April 19, 2004


Grrrrrrr! I was supposed to post some stuff I had bookmarked. Instead, I spent Sunday afternoon and evening rewriting the HTML of the Kerry Mockery Page. Traffic went through the roof starting Friday, thanks to both Instapundit and a mention on FreeRepublic. I blew through my whole month's bandwidth in 36 hours! It didn't help that all those fat graphics were loading with every page call.

So, I made smaller GIFs and then had to learn JavaScript to make a simple popup window link for each image. I had to learn parameters. It took a whole lot longer than anticipated and was frustrating as all hell. But the page is done. Just don't look at the source code. Oooooh, what a mess.

As long as folks don't look at every full-res JPG, it should save me some bandwidth. If you have problems with the page, let me know. Alternatively, if you have suggestions on the HTML or JavaScript coding, I'd like to hear them. My code is so inelegant.... Functional, but brute force and repetitive. Email addy is up to the left.

By the way, I added about six or seven new graphics to the page. Enjoy!

I have chores and errands to do today, so further updates will be later this evening. See y'all later!

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