Friday, April 23, 2004

Star Trek News

First, the funny stuff. BBSpot has news that Paramount has released the Service Pack 1.0 for Star Trek. It "fixes" the errors of continuity and credulity in the original series.

Now, the bad news. Star Trek Executive Producer Rick Berman is announcing an eleventh film. It is to be a "prequel," though he doens't elaborate on that. The story hints that it might be the Starfleet Academy proposal: following young cadets from across the Federation during their four years at the Academy.


These guys need to leave it alone. Enterprise hasn't succeeded at all, and is still in danger of being cut from the UPN schedule next Fall. The last ST film was a huge disappointment. Berman and Braga have shown that they just don't get it in terms of what Star Trek is and is about. They crank out a show that's called Star Trek, but it isn't "Star Trek."

If they have to do Starfleet Academy, then give it to the WB and let a production team that knows how to cater successfully to that audience (Everwood, Gilmore Girls, and the successfully adapted Smallville) rework it. At least it would be different.

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