Saturday, April 24, 2004

Tina Fey is the Hotness

I crush on Tina Fey something awful. She's smart, "caustic" funny, and really hot. What's not to like? Read more here, with pics.

I understand she's also exceptionally good at improv comedy, which is a favorite of mine. A couple of years ago, Drew Carey was being considered as a host for SNL and he proposed doing the show as "all-improv," allowing open-endedness rather than the scripted stuff they usually do. It didn't happen, because a lot of the cast can't do improv. Too bad, as I would have watched that.

UPDATE: You can read a more detailed interview with Tina, thanks to the New Yorker here. There's a good gallery of Tina Fey photos here. Especially check out that bottom-row photo!

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