Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Give a Kid With Nails a Hammer

Ol' Bartholomew Sullivan is still banging away on the James Hart story. I'm guessing he's getting such orgasmic delights it's just unstoppable.

Is it a story newsworthy enough for four articles (if I remember correctly) and an editorial? Of course not. It should have rated a short news blurb at best, as the similar story of the Shelby County Democratic Party's attempts to decertify two of their own candidates did.

But no. This story give Bartholomew the opportunity to call Hart the Republican Party's "unwelcome standard bearer in 2004." He was, of course, no such thing. He was a pariah. The skunk at the picnic. The unwelcome guest.

You get the idea. Plenty of applicable and correct metaphors. But you can see where Bartholomew's mind runs by his choice of words.

Nope, no bias at the Commercial Appeal.

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