Friday, April 21, 2006

Secret Gun Bias

OK, maybe not so secret, but it's carefully buried. At the very bottom of this Commercial Appeal story, the one I was talking about in the post above, here's what was written:
Phung also sent a letter to businesses and churches in the Asian community, encouraging victims to come forward and providing advice on avoiding crime.

Most of it was common sense -- don't stash large amounts of cash, keep a cell phone nearby, keep the garage door closed -- but he said some are choosing another alternative.

"Many people have started buying guns," he said, "to protect themselves and their families."
Did you spot it?

Look again, and this time I'll delete and compress:
Most of it was common sense ... but ... some are ... buying guns.
See the division? There are "sensible people" and then there are "gun owners."


There is nothing wrong, illegal or immoral in gun ownership. Portraying it otherwise is a political positon and utterly wrong for a reporter to interject into a story.

Look again at the incident the reporter used at the top of the story. The police were incapable of doing anything, since they had no idea a crime was being committed. They could only respond to a call for help, one that must come after a crime has already commenced.

Suppose the woman had had a gun, one she was trained to use, that was in good maintenance, and quickly available in emergencies such as this. Would the criminals have left? Quite likely, since they were "spooked" by the simple appearance of an electician in a later incident.

This story bugs me. If it bugs you, too, feel free to call the writer, Zack McMillin, at his office number: 529-2564. See what he thinks. And let me know if you do.

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