Thursday, April 20, 2006

Spring Cleaning: Third Time's the Charm

I have stuff that must go. Gotta go. If you're interested, make an offer.

1. Denon AVR-1403 Stereo Surround Receiver and Home Theater. Top of the line, like new. Work great. Handles 5.1 sound, DTS inputs, component video. With remote, lots of cables and manual. NOTE: requires 8 ohm speakers ONLY. (Specs here.) $160.

3. Audiovox Soundshaper 90, 10-band graphic equaliser. Lightly used; like new. With manual. $20.00

4. Pioneer S-H235B-K, 6 ohm speakers. 100 Watts each. With manual. Insides perfect, but dusty. $50.00/pair.

5. Huffy Ocala "Classic beach edition" 6-speed cruiser bike. Frame, fenders and paint in excellent condition, but gearshift needs repair. Currently stuck in 6th gear. Derailleur is fine. Comes with new handle grips. Now comes with free Kryptonite lock! $50.00

6. 6 foot plastic ficus; limbs & leaves need reshaping, but still in fine condition. Smells of incense. (Not mine, I promise.) Comes with ceramic "Chinese" koi-bowl planter with gold, black and terra-cotta colored floral Oriental design. $20.00

7. 30 gallon aquarium tank. Dirty inside and out. (It was a terrarium.) No cracks or leaks that I know of. 12 x 24 x 17 inches. $15.00

8. VHS tapes! All $1.00 each in excellent condition.
a. The Navigator (Vince Ward; time travel sci-fi. Really good!)
b. Blackadder season 1 (two tapes)
c. Punk Rock Movie (The original! Sex Pistols, Clash, Billy Idol)
d. Metropolis / Things to Come two-fer
e. Star Quest (low budget sci-fi; 1990; pretty good!)
f. Hannah and her Sisters (I know, I know. Let it go.)
g. Miracle Mile (End of the world, in LA)
h. Max Headroom (The American pilot version, IIRC)
i. Sex, Lies and Videotape (Steven Soderburgh)
j. Arise! (Church of the SubGenius indoctrination video. The Gospel of Slack. Trippy!)

I live in Midtown, near the Pig on Madison, just down from Sekisui.

I also have boxes of mid-90's music magazines. Ben is Dead; Industrial Nation, Op, Option, etc. Any interest? And three wooden cassette tape racks that hold 60 tapes each, plus nearly that many mid-80's to early 90's punk, indie and alternative cassette tapes. Way to many to list, unless someone is seriously interested. Cheap bulk sale on them. All in excellent shape, very playable.

C'mon people. It's got to go.

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