Thursday, April 20, 2006

Matter and Anti-Matter Almost Collide; Universe Still Safe

While I was at the Main Street Journal's County Candidate Mixer Tuesday I was hoping to meet Jackson Baker, political writer for the Memphis Flyer and this blog's namesake. Even though we've played email tag for a couple of years, we have yet to meet, believe it or not.

So I was pretty happy to see him come into the outside patio, working his way around the room. He walked over to me, gave me a nice smile, leaned over my name tag to study it a moment and .....

Turned away without a reaction!

Well. Hmfph. I was left with a slowly fading expectant grin on my face.

I tried to catch up to him, but he was pretty busy. And before I knew it he had left. But not before I got Mick to capture the following photo of our almost-meeting.

You can run, Jackson, but you cannot hide.

Speaking of Mick, his photo essay of the Mixer is up now. He did several interviews, too, so I expect you'll see them up at MSJ shortly.

THURSDAY UPDATE: Jackson says, via email:
Oh hell, man! I was hoping to meet you. My dirty secret is that, without my glasses on, I can't read the tiny writing on most name tags. The nice smile is something I still have, though. It goes with my sunny personality. Next time, come up and introduce yourself.
Fair enough. My handwriting is thin, jerky and spidery. Hard for even me to read sometimes! And, without my glasses, I can't read anything either.

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