Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Ophelia Ford Violates Ethics Rules?

Only four short months in the State Senate and Ophelia Ford still managed to violate the Senate's ethics rules! Family tradition does indeed run deep in that family.

According to the Knoxville News-Sentinel:
She also listed $3,000 in contributions received after the regular session of the Legislature resumed - donations Registry Director Drew Rawlins said appear "on their face" to violate a state law banning contributions during the regular legislative session.

Rawlins said he plans to seek an explanation of the apparent violations and then consider whether to pursue a civil penalty against Ford....

Her attorney, David Cocke, said he understood Ford had accepted contributions during the ethics special session and may have had a fund-raising event during the period. He did not know the date of the fund-raiser, but most donations are dated Jan. 30 on her disclosure form.

Cocke said Ford did not accept money once the regular session had begun and, after conferring with the senator and an accountant, he said, "It is my understanding they were delivered prior to the (regular) session, but negligently did not get deposited until after the session had begun.
Negligence seems to follow her around too. "I'm so busy, I just plain forgot!"

And best of all, proving she is indeed her brother's sister, she managed to snag one-quarter of all donations made so far this year!

Yep, blood will tell.

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