Sunday, August 04, 2002


As I said on Friday, the workload for Half-Bakered is pretty heavy--3 to 6 hours a day, reading included. I've given some thought to how to cut this down and still do what I set out to do. I think I've got a plan.

Monday through Friday I'll concentrate on the Commercial Appeal. Saturday will be devoted to examining the Memphis Flyer. Sunday is Commercial Appeal day again. Of course, other stories and media sources will be looked at whenever they pop up, but that should divide the workload into more manageable pieces. For the most part, I'll be focusing on the editorialists and columnists, and some reporters--those who inject opinion into their work. [OK, in the case of the CA, that's damn near everyone. I know.] I think I can handle this.

Again, reader contributions are always sought. I've already gotten some great follow-ups and sources from a couple of folks: astute reader Tim, Devereaux Cannon of Tax Free Tennessee (sorry, D!) and Gail A. of Free Republic fame. I thank them all, from the bottom of my heart. They flesh out, connect, what I do here. Feel free to join them.

Feel free to tell your friends about Half-Bakered, too! Traffic is already beginning to build. A lot of that comes from the sites you'll see in the links list to the left. Be sure to visit these folks! They're all good people, many doing hard work for nothing more than the satisfaction of doing it, as I do here. I'd especially like to thank Bill Hobbs, South Knox Bubba and Conservative Rants, my fellow Tennessee bloggers and role models. Your recognition means the world to me.

I think I've done my duty tonight. Off to the cheesecake!

Until next time, that is all.
Your Humble Working Boy

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