Tuesday, August 06, 2002

No Love Here

Today's Commercial Appeal has this story about the transfer of Oscar Love as principal from East High School to Raleigh-Egypt. Apparently controversial at East, he has parents at R-E up in arms over having a "bad" principal "dumped" on them.

Although the City schools sytem investigated him and found nothing wrong, the parents at East whipped up a flurry of complaints--locking students in closets, mispropriation of funds, gruffness, overly disciplined. Nothing panned out. Love even recouped most of $34,000 involved in the sport department. But it didn't matter, parents and teacher had made up their minds.

The amusing part? Here's how the CA starts the story:
School starts in less than a week, but Raleigh Egypt High School parents say there's still time to bring in a principal of their choice.
Ah, but that's not what the story says, nor what parents want. They don't want to choose, they just don't want Love.

Listeners to WDIA have heard another theory. Love has a strong military background and is apparently a disciplined man. He expects the same from students and teachers at a school that needs turning around. It seems that many students, having no familiarity with respecting adults and behaving politely, are upset with his expectations for them. Many parents automatically line up with their children and against him, even if it ultimately hurts their kids.

Talk about shooting yourself, and your kids, in the foot. So to speak....

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