Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Hero Worship, Day Six

The Commercial Appeal continues its unending praise for the new County Mayor, AC Wharton, which began on Friday with fawning election coverage, continued over the weekend with an effusive and credulous interview, and reached a dizzy height yesterday with a breathless account of the new Mayor in a suddenly-opened-to-the-press Jail meeting. Now comes a photo on Page One of Section B, Metro, of the Mayor and the new Sheriff walking through the jail that actually came with this caption:
[They] walk through the Shelby County Jail Tuesday with an eye for identifying and solving the problems that have boiled over in the downtown lockup.
Riiiiiiight.... Like the hatchet found in the stairwell, those problems are just laying around for the sharp eye and mind of our new Mayor to spot.

Why didn't they ever work this hard with former Mayor Jim Rout and former Sheriff AC Gilless? We still knew about the problems then, but they were sure portrayed as nigh-on intractible.

Until next time, that is all.
Your Working Boy

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