Saturday, August 10, 2002

The Gloss

Election night in Shelby County last week brought a lot of questions to many voters. For one, why is it that after leading in the voting all night long, by usually steady margins, suddenly, late, there was a huge surge in votes that tipped several elections the other way? Most radio callers to WDIA thought it was a conspiracy to oust certain folks and elect others, ala Kennedy in 1960. There were several reports of machine and precinct problems from that night.

Not that any of that showed up in the Commercial Appeal. Today's paper carries this story, that only documents the efforts of some losers that night to look into the problem. The Election Commission says that they did have problems with one precinct. But it's the usual gloss on a deeper and more widespread problem.

Voter and election fraud has been rampant for years in Shelby County. Reports surface after every election of various ploys and acts and situations that seem to favor one party or another. But the CA has yet to acknowledge, much less look seriously into, the problem.

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