Sunday, August 04, 2002

He Should Start Watching Out Now

It took a while to count all the votes in the write-in campaign of Tipton County GOP head Antonio Lopez. He's trying for a berth, as they say in the papers, in the November elections against the truly formidable but apparently not-unbeatable anymore House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh. The Commercial Appeal has the story today.

But as usual, the CA can't just report it straight:
Naifeh, of Covington, was unopposed in the Democratic primary. When
no one qualified for the Republican primary, Lopez mounted a write-in
Lopez only went into the primary after the budget showdown/shutdown of July. In talking with the folks of Tipton and Haywood Counties, District 81, he apparently saw enough discontent, and willing voters, to believe there was a chance of his election! It wasn't a case of, say, being the John Jay Hooker to Naifeh's Sundquist. It was a case of realising the emperor had no clothes. Naifeh showed to the State what political junkies have known for years, that Naifeh is an old-style Daley/Crump/Tammany Hall politico who isn't at all afraid of intimidation, threats and whatever else is necessary to achieve his objectives.

Half-Bakered wishes Lopez the best of luck. He'll need all of it.

Until next time, that is all.
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