Wednesday, August 07, 2002

It Should Have Been on Page One

...but for some reason, the Commercial Appeal loves to bury this stuff back in Metro. This story quite literally exposes what seems to be racial bias in City contracting to minority-owned businesses. But there are some astonishing twists.

School Board member Sara Lewis came into possession of documents that clearly show two businesses, one white and one black but both bidding on the same job, being given two different prices for the same product used in the same construction job.

The businessman who was selling, Fred Lowe of Fred Lowe Associates, Inc., surprisingly fessed up right away and then apologised! He admitted that he was unfamiliar with the minority business, Bricks, Inc., and so did not give them the preferential pricing he gives to long-standing customers. He also called the owner of Bricks, Inc., to personally apologize.

One small problem. Bricks, Inc., has been in business in Memphis for 39 years. And Lowe has never heard of them? The CA reporter somehow never thought to follow that one up.

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