Saturday, August 10, 2002

We Love It, So We Had To Kill It

In this story in today's Commercial Appeal, about development along the Wolf River and efforts to take the land out of development in order to keep the river's wildlife habitat healthy, came this wonderful quote from one of the developers, who are building a 22 acre / 44 home subdivision near the Wolf:

Andrews said he and Rainey, both outdoors enthusiasts, selected the
site because "we were just enchanted by this little piece of land on the
North Fork."
So enchanted that they stripped off all the trees, laid down sewers and roads, and built homes! Next will come the cars and mowers and music to frighten the wildlife. Then the lights to make it "safe" for humans, but confusing to the native animals. Then will come the convenience stores, gas stations, video stores and strip malls to meet the needs of the new neighbors.

Just wonderful.

Until next time, that is all.
Your Working Boy

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