Sunday, August 04, 2002

It's All in The Point of View

In this story in today's Commercial Appeal, good ol' Richard Locker writes about the "GOP Unity Rally" held by Republicans in Nashville Saturday. The story is titled, "Republican 'unity' drive spurns Sunduist." As the blogpost title says, it's all in your point of view.

Notably absent from the GOP unity gathering was the party's titular
head in Tennessee, Gov. Don Sundquist.

Party officials said he was invited and downplayed his absence, but he
also won't be aboard a Republican Party "Unity Fly Around"...

But Wilson didn't know why the governor won't be on the airplane

Thompson, who arranged the fly-around, said he didn't ask the
governor but added, "I didn't ask anybody. I was told what to do."
Asked whether he would like Sundquist to go along, he said, "Sure," as
he walked away.

Fully a quarter of the story isn't about the rally, but about trying to nail someone down on the reason for Sundquist's absence. Even less space was given to what attendees actually said on the podium.

But then there's this:
Sundquist has been given chilly receptions at GOP functions for
supporting a state income tax. His support for Alexander and Henry in
their primary election battles was used against them in television
campaign ads by their opponents.
Sorta answers the question for most folks, doesn't it? But not the CA, where they see Sundquist as the Lone Hero and other Republicans as stubborn obstructionists and political cowards. And so all stories involving Sundquist, it seems, must be reported this way.

Most Amusing Sideswipe of the Week goes to this line:

Democrats had their unity rally Friday.
And that is all that is said. Will the CA eventually begin to report on Democratic activities in the current election cycle? Why the seeming secrecy? Are Democrats that hopeless? Or does the CA not want to let their readers know what's happening "behind the scenes?" Why?

Until next time, that is all.
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