Friday, June 18, 2004

Flyer Flivver

A trio of good things in this week's Memphis Flyer. First is a Jackson Baker rundown of possible candidates for Senator Bill Frist's seat in 2006. Baker thinks Frist is setting up a possible Presidential run for 2008. Stranger things have happened....

The other worthy is by the always-readable John Branston. He casts his eye over MLGW, Herenton, Wharton and the County Commission. He's skeptical of all this "crisis" talk and appropriately calls it "politics as usual." Go, read. (I have to call him up and have lunch with him some day.)

And last is a new post on the website that was too late for the print edition, where Baker provides a quick recap of Ralph Nader's visit to Rhodes Colleges. Nothing new; a quick read.

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