Saturday, June 19, 2004

Heads Up

The UK Guardian is running an interview with the anonymous author of a new book that is scathing of the Bush administration's prosecution of the Iraqi War. Some interesting bits from it:
Imperial Hubris is the latest in a relentless stream of books attacking the administration in election year. Most of the earlier ones, however, were written by embittered former officials. This one is unprecedented in being the work of a serving official with nearly 20 years experience in counter-terrorism who is still part of the intelligence establishment.

The fact that he has been allowed to publish, albeit anonymously and without naming which agency he works for, may reflect the increasing frustration of senior intelligence officials at the course the administration has taken.
So, this book was approved by the administration it attacks? Hmmm....

Sounds more to me like some middle-level State Department careerists, who are internationalist cosmopolitans deeply angry at how the Bush administration's upset their party circuit, are making their move. Re-elect Bush and help to quash them.
Anonymous does not try to veil his contempt for the Bush White House and its policies. His book describes the Iraq invasion as "an avaricious, premeditated, unprovoked war against a foe who posed no immediate threat but whose defeat did offer economic advantage.
His description shows his allegiance. Watch for, 60 Minutes, and the usual gang in the national media to trumpet this.

But I love this part:
"They are more bureaucratic, more management competent, certainly more literate. Certainly, this generation is more computer literate, more comfortable with the tools of modernity. I also think they're much less prone to being the Errol Flynns of al-Qaida. They're just much more careful across the board in the way they operate."
So, we've been told by the Left that it's America making all these poor, powerless, helpless people angry that is fueling the rage, but what we see here is that the leaders are wealthy and well-educated.

It's a short interview. Marvel at this person's ability to see and yet not understand.

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