Thursday, June 17, 2004

Just Me Thinking Out Loud

I usually don't do my thinking on the blog. I prefer to have the idea fully formed before I post. But this one I want to get out there right away, before it slips out of the queue of my mind and I lose it altogether.

The phrase "liberal media" is pretty much common currency today, except for a whole swathe of the left in the major media who just don't believe that it fits them. And there's really no reverse phrase in common use like "conservative media," though you can point to quite a few outlets that fit.

There are bloggers like the guys at LeanLeft who don't believe in a liberal media. They argue it's a construct of a group of conservatives looking for scapegoats for their own biases. Whatever.

So, I propose the phrase "partisan media." It's a value-neutral expression. It can be applied without political baggage. You need only demonstrate that some column, article or story isn't neutral, fair and objective. In other words, it's a way to point out the failures of journalists without forcing them to confront political affiliations or agendas. You concentrate on the problem -- inaccurate, biased reporting -- without providing the cover of political spin.

I need to work on the idea some more, but I hope I've conveyed the essence. My biggest concern is that "partisan" comes with some Progressive, revolutionary, "To the barricades!" baggage of its own.

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