Thursday, June 17, 2004

Loving Fathers of the Left

Blogger Bill, posting as INDC, has a great entry where he went to an anti-war demonstration to interview Michael Berg, the father of executed kidnappee Nick Berg. Berg pere is decidedly on the Left, the Marxist Left, and says a lot of revealing things to Bill.
Socialist Workers newspaper? (Enthusiastically) Oh, yeah , oh yeah, oh yeah … (gives info) my e-mail is the best way to contact, because my wife probably will slam down the phone on just about anyone who calls; she’s still in a very emotional state. My son was a member of the Socialist Workers Party, yes he was, my son David, not my son Nick, my older son David. I supported his efforts working with the Socialist Workers Party, and I went with him to the headquarters in NY and I attended the rallies and I supported his trips to Cuba and … I don’t really want to say (gestures to me) because he’s (got a tape recorder).
There's a lot more and it's all worthwhile as a view into the folks who are really behind the anti-war movement, the ones who organise and promote and ensure media access. It's not pretty and neither is it American.

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