Thursday, June 17, 2004

This One Didn't Stick to the Wall

The story has already disappeared from the evening news and the daily papers, one of many such stories that just keep coming. So, I'm posting a link to the Robert Jacob assassination to keep the story fresh. We're still hearing about Abu Ghraib, and now the ancillary stories of "hidden" prisoners. It's all about how the military and our government are doing evil things and we should do something about it. Doesn't matter that the government is doing something, and some parts of these stories are months old and already addressed. Too bad Robert Jacob doesn't get that treatment.

The video is mostly propaganda wrapper around some short, shaky scenes of Jacob's gunfire murder. It's a reminder: We try to fight "fair." We abhor those who don't. We uncover and punish those who don't. We try to do the right thing.

Our enemies, and never forget that's what they are, don't. Plain and simple. Don't.

But if you watch the evening news and cable news, read the national papers, you don't always get that message clearly.

Watch the Jacobs video again. Get the message. Clearly.

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