Tuesday, May 31, 2005

More Waltzing?

Darrell Phillips is reporting that more arrests may be coming from the Tennessee Waltz investigation:
But today, I learned a great deal more that may, in fact, yield more federal action. And my sources are now saying to expect more indictments - of LOCAL officials - before the end of the week.

Specifically, one County Commissioner is said to be expecting trouble. And on the school board there are jitters too. Some school board members apparently took an e-cycle-funded trip last year to Miami where they met company "representatives" aboard a yacht.
Explosive, if it pans out.

This is also the second mention of Miami in connection with the Tennessee Waltz scandal. People paying close attention to the John Ford indictment will recall he also met with some E-Cycle officials in Miami. Initial speculation centered on whether Harold Ford, Sr., was involved, as he now lives in the Miami area.

I can't wait to see if this is all true.

INSTANT UPDATE Thaddeus Matthews says his sources are saying the same thing:
...there are more indictments coming, that may include members of the County Commission, City Council, and City of Memphis School Board.
Matthews also has a post and interview with indictee Barry Myers that is sympathetic to him.

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