Monday, May 30, 2005

That Was Fast

Thaddeus Matthews is reporting that indicted former State Senator (My how good that sounds.) John Ford already has a new job. Seriously!

In his next post, he notes some suspiciously fast results for a local pastor who went to indicted former State Senator (Yup, still sounds good.) Roscoe Dixon for help. Matthews wonders if money was involved here, too.

You'll be seeing alot of this over the coming weeks and months, people taking a second look at suspiciously handled or concluded deals involving Ford, Dixon, Bowers, Newton, Crutchfield, et al. You have to ask: If they were willing to take bribes for an unknown company with unknown people for a minor, rinky-dink business deal involving nothing more than proferring legislation, then why wouldn't they be willing to take bribes for important local people, folks they depend on to get their jobs done, or enterprises involving large sums of money and influence? I've always said, folks who are willing to fudge the inconsequential, meaningless stuff will more than likely be willing to do terrible stuff when it matters.

Let's hope the local media do their job in following all these threads to their conclusions.

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