Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Auteur Theory

Does the necessity of keeping all those lies straight increase the fertility and creativity of some minds?

I ask because we learn (more here) that Tim Willis (who slightly resembles Alex Desert or LeVar Burton) was working on a television show pilot! He's also a film production assistant.

And Calvin Williams, who was part of the trio almost tried for the Juvenile Court Clerk's investigation, has written a book he promises will be published by late summer. He's been promoting the book repeatedly on local television -- mostly the news and not the morning shows, oddly enough -- with promises of scandal and corruption to bring down the government. He hasn't actually released any hints of what those charges might be, nor has any reporter he's talked with, so who really knows what's coming. Or even if it's really coming.

I've managed to publish more than a half-million words here on Half-Bakered, six novels' worth of writing. Haven't gotten paid for any of it, either. I'm definitely in the wrong field.

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