Saturday, June 04, 2005

Please Forgive Me

I know it's unseemly to discuss these things on your own blog, but please forgive me. I've occasionally seen in my referrer logs a Google search for half bakered or some variant of that word. Not often, just once in a while. I've always assumed it was just someone else who had the bright idea "Half baked? Half bakered! Cool." and goggled it just to check.

But lately, as in the past few weeks, I've regularly seen searches for half bakered memphis or half-bakered blog, or something like that! I'm being discovered. Whee!

Of course, now the paranoid conspiracy theorist side of me is worrying who those people are and why they're looking for me.

And traffic is more than double from the levels before my last hiatus, for which I'm quite grateful. It's mostly Tennessee Waltz related, but then that's been the Big Show here at Half-Bakered of late.

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I feel like Steve Martin in The Jerk when he finds his name in the phone book and begins to holler, "I am someone!"

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