Friday, June 03, 2005

Hamlet's Father's Shade Gives Warning

Long-time followers of Tennessee politics are familair with Democrat John Jay Hooker. He could be favorably called a maverick and a lone voice, or he could be unfavorably fitted with the British label, "loon." His most recent foray was to run as the no-hoper Democratic gubernatorial candidate against Don Sunquist. His party gave up and no one wanted to have a losing campaign to their name, so Hooker stepped up with a self-finanaced run. The media indulged him; no one criticised the Democrats for their bizarre abandonment.

These days, he's a blogger. He only discovered blogging a month or so ago, but has embraced it whole-heartedly. At an age when most men look back, Hooker continues to forge ahead. For that, he must be respected. As a life-long, veteran Democratic activist and candidate, his views must also be paid heed.

Hooker has sent a editorial letter to the Memphis Commercial Appeal. Whether they print it or not, it's important to read. My suspicion is the CA won't print it, at least not as a stand-alone guest column, since he's telling the paper's favorite political son to step aside.
And what I'm afraid of is that many of the democrats who may be unwilling to vote for Senator Ford will make it impossible for him to win. I think the 2006 election is going to be difficult at best, as Governor Bredesen is now burdened with the TennCare problems. And therefore, I think the Democrats are going to have their hands full in re-electing Governor Bredesen, and consequently, that a losing Democratic effort in the senatorial race could be very detrimental to Governor Bredesen's re-election.

On the other hand, if young Harold, who is thirty-six years old, will keep his safe seat in Congress while he weathers the storm regarding his uncle, then I suspect the day will come when he has an opportunity to either run for the United States Senate, or run for governor, or maybe, just maybe, God being willing - PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.
I believe this is the first serious Democratic voice to call on Ford to stand down.

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