Saturday, June 04, 2005

Say Whut?

Remember the NAACP's boycott of North South Carolina in the wake of Confederate battle flag disputes? Yeah, me neither. And it turns out most of America doesn't recall it either, as business seems pretty much normal across the State.
"I'll be honest with you, we no longer see any significant or measurable impact from that — haven't since the flag came down," said Marion Edmonds, spokesman for the Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism.

If there has been an effect, it is not reflected in tourism-related tax collections, Edmonds said. According to his agency, accommodations tax receipts increased $3.5 million during the boycott period, and admissions tax collections grew $2.5 million — slow but steady.
Oops! Remember this when the next threat comes along.

SUNDAY UPDATE Fixed a reader-caught typo! I'm a one-man operation and try my best, but I'm glad for sharp-eyed readers. I would be nothing without you. Thanks.

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