Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Volcano is Building Pressure

Sorry I don't have time for more, but I just wanted to note, before anything happens tomorrow, that there are more rumors building that more arrests are coming in the Tennessee Waltz investigation, soon, and involving Memphis-area pols.

Earlier on WMC/5, they had a report about Michael Hooks, Sr. and Hooks, Jr. both admitting to some legal contacts with the TW investigators and Tim Willis. The supposition is that both are trying to get out in front of impending indictments with their own versions of events. Hooks is also admitting to having been in Miami, Florida, when E-Cycle Management types were meeting with other Memphians.

I was also told by someone (who didn't know who he was talking to, hence no name) that the Miami, Florida connection is indeed Harold Ford, Sr. and his ultra-exclusive home. John Ford's indictment lists two meetings that took place in Miami, but doesn't specify location. I'm still trying to confirm this, so take it with a grain of salt.

The video released of John Ford is only the tip of the iceberg on him and all the other defendants, I was told. Supposedly, the State's case is voluminous and damning. Also, again supposedly, everyone is squealing and giving up everyone else, trying to save their own butts.

Tim Willis was supposedly rolled and recruited after his credit card fraud case in Mississippi. He's still staying out of town and denying everything being said about him, but the number of people who have named his as the contact with E-Cycle and their introducer is huge. What is Willis up to? I'm sure he's already a marked man.

I don't have the link now, but Matt White of the South End Grounds wonders why, if Representatives Larry Miller and Ulysses Jones were offered bribes and turned them down, did they then go on to co-sponsor the briber's bill anyway? Did they not contact the police? Or did they let it slide, attempted bribery being so common as to be unremarkable and unobjectionable? Very good points deserving of a follow up.

Lastly, some people are claiming that the FBI has been saving the worst for last, in an effort to wring information from the folks already indicted before they move forward with the next round. Thursday and Friday look to be tenterhook days.

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