Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Song Lyrics of the Day

My punctuality is well known.
When the revolution takes place
I'll be late and
I'll be shot
As a traitor.

[The sun rises....]

When the sun rises
I will not see.
I regret nothing.
It was worth it.
Going through life
Without a timepiece
Did pay off.

[The sun rises....]

My reward?
To be free and alone.
Even now, at the pillar,
Blindfold at sunrise.
The beating drums of Catalan....
Beating my time away....

[The sun rises....
I will not see....]

My heartbeat keeps time
With the drums.
But soon
My only pulse
Will fade away.

[The sun rises....]

I smile
Just knowing.
When the sun rises
I will not see.

From the song "Traitor," by the Sugarcubes. No particular reason, just that it came up on WinAmp and I really like the song. Einar's delivery of the lyrics is wry; Bjork's unearthly wail floats over the music.

The music? Ahh... there's the beauty. The song is really one chord pounded over and over, martial drums lending an appropriate air, with short breaks before we launch back into the miasma, the vortex of sound pulling us down, down, down. A clattering racket of quicksand.

Not unlike Husker Du's "New Day Rising." Not really songs, but evocations.

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