Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Fear Not Dear Reader

Once again, a volcanic lavafield of posting down below. Lots to read and think about. I don't just provide linkery with an occasional comment, but give you real content for your dollar. Or I would if you paid me a dollar, which you don't, though I wish someone would. Think someone might hire me, pay me to do this? It's a daydream. Maybe I should explore PayPal or something.... Believe me, I work real cheap! Three hundred a week and I could be your bitch!

An addendum to the Gayoso Murder story down below. I didn't mention the woman's name because I don't want her family or friends to Google the news stories and run across my post by accident. It might horrify them. I don't want that. Let them grieve.

Also, the radio has said that it was her stolen credit cards that allowed the police to track the criminals. Doh! Shoulda realised that. I was thinking objects, cash and jewelry, not cards. Instant corrections on the blog, right where you can't miss it. Advantage: blogosphere!

Lastly, after today's marathon I need a breather. No posting tomorrow, unless something in the papers really pops my cork. You've got plenty to keep you busy down below anyway. Well, OK, maybe I'll post something late afternoon so y'all have something for Friday morning.

Anyway, see y'all in a day. Be good or be careful.

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