Sunday, April 11, 2004

Sunday Headline Fun

I couldn't find a link online for this Sunday Commercial Appeal story, originally from the Toronto Globe and Mail, not even on the Toronto paper's site! Sheesh....

Anyway, the story talks about the recommendations made to improve the ailing Canadian public health system. The G&M says:
The committee's report made it clear the public health system that is supposed to ensure basic sanitation, disease and injury prevention, health promotion and disaster preparedness and response is not as effective as it should be.

The system has too little money, too few health professionals, a lack of laboratory capacity, inadequate disease surveillance, an over abundance of turf wars and an utter lack of coordination....

The committee called for $700 million a year in new money, the creation of a Canadian Public Health Agency at arm's length from government and for a chief public-health officer. Among the committee's 75 recommendations....

The federal budget bragged of $1 billion for public health. Yet funding for the public heath agency, $404 million, was reallocated from within Health Canada; there was money for a vaccine strategy, $300 million, but it's over three years; there was money for labs and surveillance, but it's only $165 million over two years; and there was only $100 million each for information systems and front-line personnel.
The Commercial Appeal headline?

Rx for Canada health care still looks solid.

As someone once said, OK, then.

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