Saturday, April 17, 2004

The Apprentice

THU at 8 - Bill is chosen as The Apprentice.

FRI at 8 - Bill is interviewed on Dateline NBC.

FRI at 10:30 - Bill appears on The Tonight Show.

SAT at 10:30 - Bill hosts Saturday Night Live.

SUN at 9AM - Bill appears on Meet The Press to discuss his views on the corporate world.

SUN at 9PM - On Crossing Jordan, Bill is in Philadelphia on business. He and Jordan have a brief romance.

MON at 8AM - Bill appears on The Today Show every morning this week. Matt jokes; Katie and Ann fawn. Bill helps them select the "Today Show Apprentice."

MON at 8PM - On Fear Factor, Bill demonstrates is fearless business skills.

TUE at 7PM - Bill guests on Whoopi, where she ridicules his whiteness.

TUE at 9PM - Bill appears on a cross-series Law & Order special event, beginning with L&O: SVU. Bill witnesses a murder.

WED at 9PM - The L&O special continues as Bill appears in court to testify against the murderer.

WED at 11:30PM - Bill appears on Late Night with Conan O'Brien.

THU at 7PM - An Apprentice Thursday "Good Bye and Good Luck" SuperEvent begins as Bill appears on an hour-long Friends, where he interviews Joey for an ad campaign. Hilarity ensues. Rachel flirts with him.

THU at 8PM - On Scrubs, Bill flirts with Elliot.

THU at 8:30PM - On Will & Grace, Jack, Will and Grace all flirt with him.

THU at 7PM - Back home in Chicago now, Bill has an auto accident that sends to him County General and ER. Abby flirts with him.

SUN at 6PM - On a special Dateline NBC, Bill talks about his whirl-wind week with Stone Phillips.

SUN at 8PM - Completing his L&O trifecta, Bobby suspects the murder was a plot to cover up some of Bill's underhanded business dealings.

Coming in May Sweeps: Bill: My Trip to the Top, a two-night miniseries.

All times Central.

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