Saturday, April 17, 2004

WREC Radio Weirdness

Last Saturday afternoon, Ray Steel (sp?) devoted his radio sports show (WREC AM600, 2 - 5 PM) to a whole lot of political ranting, with little sports and few calls. The show usually includes some local politics, but he was talking a whole lot of things. He was in a snarky mood, too. His last hour was devoted to rerunning the first hour, ostensibly so that Steel's listeners could understand what he'd been trying to tell them.

So this week, we got a "Best of Rush" rerun during Steel's slot, with no explanation. Nothing about being sick, or pre-emption, or back next week. Nothing. It's been months since the station ran "Best of Rush" programming.

Did something happen behind the scenes? I tried the WREC website, but no luck. They don't even list programming now. Or is this just a change of the overall schedule being handled really sloppily?

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