Sunday, April 11, 2004

An Interesting Choice

Sunday was Easter Sunday, yes? Memphis is a Bible-toting town, yes? Large numbers of Christians here, yes?

So why is it that the only front-page reference to Easter in the Commercial Appeal on Sunday was a corner-right, small story about an addict for whom Easter is special? No big headlines, nor photos, nor mentions, nor church stories, on the front page, the inside A2 page, the front page of the second A section, the Metro front page, or any of the specialty sections? Even in the Editorial section, the Sunday Discussion was about the Grizzlies, not any Easter-related topic. Neither of the in-house columnists mentioned it.

Only the story noted above and a picture of a couple of party girls with Easter bunny ears on the Central City Appeal section front page.

It's as though for the folks at the Commercial Appeal, today was nothing special. I'm certainly not suggesting a conspiracy here, but the astonishing lapse is telling. Of what, I'm not sure I want to know. Still, I was rather surprised to spot it, and I'm an atheist!

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