Wednesday, April 14, 2004

I'm Famous Again

Got today's Memphis Flyer and guess who is in the Fly On The Wall feature? Mr. Mike and his Carol Chumney graphics! Yeah!

Welcome to the Flyer readers coming here for the first time. Lots of reading for y'all down below. Please note that I'm not a "Libertarian blogger." I rarely talk about LP politics. I'm a capital "L" / small "l" libertarian politically, with strong conservative leanings, but I blog mostly about Memphis politics and media, with some fun stuff tossed in for variety. Read and enjoy, y'all. Please feel free to leave comments, suggestions and brickbats in the comments below or by email. Addy is to the left, at the top.

I moved the links for the Kerry Mockery page and the Carol Chumney Wallop page over to the links list, up at the top. I also updated the whole links shebang once again, adding State Government links.

Hope you enjoy yourselves. Let me know!

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