Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Once Again, Who Are The Haters?

A couple of weeks ago, The Daily Kos, the top Democratic weblog, posted a statement in the wake of the first Fallujah murders calling the men who died "mercenaries" and saying, of their deaths, "Screw them." You can go to my Kerry Mockery page and read his whole statement; it's in a graphic about halfway down the page on the right.

He got blasted by the blogosphere. At first, he disappeared the page, but not before legions of bloggers had already saved it. Kos was called on his dishonesty and was forced to take down the page altogether, but not before Kos posted a mealy-mouthed not-quite apology. But the damage was done and many Democratic blog and web sites (including the John Kerry official campaign site) delinked him.

Well, today comes more hate from the Daily Kos, this time from a co-blogger of his named Soj. This post has a standard PR photo of Secretary of State Colin Powell with the caption, "Yes suh! Yes suh! Right away suh!" She calls him an "Uncle Tom." Soj has an extremely long post that includes a lot of excerpts from various testimony and briefings Powell, has given in support of her contention that Powell is doing nothing for "his race" and is in fact sending many young black men to die because he is a shill for a "crooked regime." She makes the false claim that the Army is disproportionately black, and some more outlandish claims as well. It's unfortunate, as she does have some good things; they got shadowed by her stupid opening move.

The page is still up and unaltered as of 9:45AM CDT. Read the lengthy comments and you'll see that Soj is nearly unanimously panned by her Democratic and liberal peers. She makes some noises about not communicating well and being misunderstood and "falling into the 'merc' trap," but never apologises.

On her own site. Soj now has this to say:
Well it looks like I created a "semantic bomb" yesterday with my post about Powell being an "Uncle Tom". Here is the post and attached comments from the DailyKos website....

Anyway, I apologize to anyone if they felt the term "Uncle Tom" was offensive. My primary goal was to raise awareness of the incredible efforts Powell has put forth in promoting the Bush and neocon agenda. Everyone from Richard Clarke to General Shinsheki (himself an ethnic Georgian) have realized what a mistake serving Bush is, why can't Powell?
Notice she doesn't apologise for what she said, but for how you felt about it. Her claim that "everyone...realized what a mistake serving Bush is..." is just stupid on its face.

Make sure you go down in the Daily Kos thread, as there's yet more racist offense! Someone posted a graphic showing Condoleeza Rice in a WWII-era women's uniform with the logo, "I'm Fighting For WHITEY!"

Apparently, having cornered the market on fighting racism, Democrats now believe that race hatred is their playground. Can you even begin to imagine the firestorm something similar to this, done by a Republican, would cause? I really want to post something like that, say Ted Kennedy in a rare photo with blacks (I know it's rare; I went searching for some. I had to give up!) with something offensive just to see what kind of reaction it gets.

You can bet that it would be picked up on by the big media, which passed on the first Kos dustup and I would wager will also pass on the second, even though it now establishes a pattern at Daily Kos. Thanks to Rev. Don Sensing, of One Hand Clapping, for his post on this. You might also watch Instapundit during the day. He hasn't posted on it yet, but I suspect he will and will flood the zone with links.

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