Wednesday, June 02, 2004

It's a Ploy

Yesterday afternoon, the truly execrable Mike Phlegming had County Sheriff Mark Luttrell on his radio show to discuss County Mayor AC Wharton's "doomsday" budget. Luttrell was remarkably calm about it, and really gave the sense (though not the admission) that he's in on the bluff. He deferred politely to the Mayor's decision and kept telling listeners that it was to be expected when there would be no tax increase.

It only reinforces my belief that this is nothing but a lawyer's tactic to get the County Commission to acquiesce to the Mayor's original budget with the 23 cent tax increase. You keep watching.

As for Phlegming, he was his typical annoying self. At one point, Mike asked Luttrell a question about something "his sources" had told him about: a two page memo about some internal County decisions leading up to the budget. (I'm going from memory, so I may have that a bit wrong.) You could tell that Mike was trying to trap Luttrell into something without spilling beans over the air. Nothing was revealed except that Fleming knows things you don't and wants you to know it. Yet more of Fleming's grandstanding and using his radio show to do the business of (unknown) others for unknown reasons.

All the more reason to listen to Andrew Clark, Sr., on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, or WDIA several times a day!

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