Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

The Memphis unemployment rate may be a laggardly 5.5% -- down three-tenths of a point, though! -- but there's jobs out there in the Memphis television market, especially if you are a photojournalist.

* WPTY 24/30

* WHBQ 13 (Click on "Inside FOX13") -- They're looking for an Executive Producer. No mention of a main evening anchor, though. According to SouthTVNews they will announce their chief meteorologist this week.

* WMC 5 They need a News Producer for the overnight shift. Hey, you'd get to work with Peggy!

* WREG 3

Thanks to SouthTVNews for the pointers.

UPDATE: The NewsBlues website has an article titled "Head scratching hires at Memphis FOX O&O." Unfortunately, it's behind a subscription wall. Does anyone have the news? Has FOX13 officially announced anything yet?

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