Saturday, June 05, 2004

Still No Media Bias. Nope. Nuh-uh

This New Statesman column by Brit Nick Cohen is remarkable in one very important regard. It's an admission by a reporter about his fellow reporters and their editors.

Cohen writes about how the British media, specifically the BBC, knew that the group organising the large anti-war marches of 2003 was a Marxist front. But that news, spilled all across the Internet by bloggers, was never presented to the viewing public. Why?
Just before the war against Iraq I began to receive strange calls from BBC journalists. Would I like information on how the leadership of the anti-war movement had been taken over by the Socialist Workers Party? Maybe, I replied. It was depressing that a totalitarian party was in the saddle, but that's where the SWP always tries to get. Why get excited?

Oh there are lots of reasons, said the BBC hacks. The anti-war movement wasn't a simple repetition of the old story of the politically naive being led by the nose by sly operators. The far left was becoming the far right. It had gone as close to supporting Ba'athist fascism as it dared and had formed a working alliance with the Muslim Association of Britain, which, along with the usual misogyny and homophobia of such organisations, also believed that Muslims who decided that there was no God deserved to die for the crime of free thought. In a few weeks hundreds of thousands of people, maybe millions, would allow themselves to be organised by the opponents of democracy and modernity and would march through the streets of London without a flicker of self-doubt. Wasn't this a story?

It's a great story, I cried. But why don't you broadcast it?

We can't, said the bitter hacks. Our editors won't let us.
Nope, no bias here.

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