Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Memphis Redblogs

Yeah, still continuing the plugola for Memphis Redblogs, "red state bloggers in the Home of the Blues." If you haven't, head on over and check it out. We're off and running now.

Here's the pitch: Have you wanted to blog yourself, but loathed the idea of fooling around with all that programming? MRB may be your answer. Mick is handling all the setup and maintenance, all contributers have to do is log in, click on "Create post," write up what they want to say (or cut'n'paste what they wrote off line), and then click "Publish." That's it! I think MRB can even be set up so that posts can be sent in and published from email. Check with Mick to see if I'm right.

Calling all Memphis and Mid-South conservatives, libertarians and Republicans! If you have good powers of observation, analysis, persuasion or rhetoric, if you have access to information not otherwise available, if you can write a readable sentence properly punctuated, if you have a burning desire to say something but nowhere to say it, MRB may be your answer. Look at the blogs of the MRB contributors, look at the Rocky Top Brigade blogs; see if you can write like that (or better!). MRB might could use you.

We have all summer long to get our game together so that by Fall we can deploy ourselves and maybe make a difference in local politics, or national politics as it plays on the local scale. MRB can fill an important role as an information clearinghouse. Real-time news reporting is another possibility. Think of that: no one else in town is set up for sharing news and information, in detail, on the spot. It gives us tactical advantages.

There are no limits on how often your post, so far as I know, nor on how much. It's up to you! Contribute what you can. It's more about quality and sharing, communicating and influencing. The subject of anonymous blogging hasn't been broached yet, but I'm sure we'd consider it. After all, Alpha Patriot is psuedonymous, but he's been at it a while and is a known quanitity. Newbies may need references. But if your work or position or color or politics keep you silent against your will, MRB can become your outlet.

So, if you've teetered on the edge of blogging, take the leap. Give it a try.

You have nothing to lose but the chains of oppressive government. You will gain freedom.

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