Friday, June 04, 2004

More New Blogs

I've been discovering new (to me) blogs left and right the past few days. Here we go:

Rodent Regatta is a Memphis blog by a guy who describes himself as a classical liberal. Not sure what that means? Then check him out. He also writes about web design issues, including the Movable Type / Word Press / Textpattern imbroglio. Steve has a co-blogger (or permanent guest blogger?), Craig J. Cantoni of Arizona, who is the founder of Honest Americans Against Legal Theft (HAALT). Craig is also a great read.

Then there's Arkieblog overtaken~by~events from Matt in Fayetteville. I've only skimmed this one, but he's another right-winger who does funny graphics and blogs about life in the home turf of Wal-Mart. He's funny and personable.

Via Rachel comes herman.beans. Nathan is just getting started, so give him some encouragement, OK?

Speaking of WMC (were we?), that station seems to spawn bloggers like nothing else. He doesn't post regularly, but his stuff is always interesting and revealing at Wally's World. He's a videographer at WMC.

I can't remember how I found a geek in the Bluff City, who writes about "life in the Bluff City from a geek's eyes." Duh! I think it was probably in someone's comments. It's a very chatty, personal blog with lots of "local color," as they say. He also photoblogs and is another newbie blogger. Drop by and say "hey!"

Eric Janssen, who was at the first Blogger's Bash, has added a third blog to his resume with Plug In, yet another of the Commercial Appeal's forays (eight and counting) into news-blogging. Eric will cover technology and tech for them. Eric's daily blog (er, sorta....) is webraw, which is a regular read for me.

And the Rocky Top Brigade has expanded this week! I'm going to turn this over the Grand Poobah and let his words do the introductions:
It's been more than a month since our last irregularly scheduled induction ceremony, so I reckon it's time to update the Rocky Top Brigade membership rolls.

First up is Big Orange Michael. Michael blogs out of New Smyrna, Tennessee and was nominated by his college pal Barry at the Last Home.

Next up is Zoot, nominated by Busy Mom. Busy Mom, says Zoot is a Knoxville native exile stuck in Alabama with her Bama fan husband.

Helping balance out the politics of the RTB blogroll, next we have Jay at the Tennessee Liberal, who says "Yes, Virginia, there ARE some liberals in Tennessee."

Next up is Betsy at Pizza Soup. Betsy blogs out of Black Mountain, NC, just over the hill from Knoxville. Her connection to Tennessee and the RTB is that she is the mother of Knoxville troublemaker and RTB blogger Doug McDaniel. Doug says that she has trademarked "Pizza Soup" and hopes to develop a line of nutritional soups and a lifestyle site for 50-something women. As far as I know, this makes Doug and his Mom the first mother and son blogging team in the RTB.

Finally, we have Jeff at the Bacculum King. Jeff says he operates the only known ice cream boat on the Tennessee River. How cool is that?

So, absent any objection and without further ado, please join me in welcoming these outstanding Tennessee (and Tennessee related) blogs to the Rocky Top Brigade, as they join us in the battle for Truth, Justice, and a good single-malt Scotch whisky for around $20.
There you go! Lots of good new reading to keep you enthralled. Just don't forget to stop by here once in a while, too.

Ah, me. Much work to do this weekend getting the template updated now.

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