Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Sustainable Oil?

It turn out that the cries of environmentalists that we're running out of oil may be wrong. Of course, I've long thought that, remembering the wailing back in the Seventies that we'd be out of oil by now.

Anyway, according to World Net Daily:
Even more intriguing is evidence that several oil reservoirs around the globe are refilling themselves, such as the Eugene Island reservoir – not from the sides, as would be expected from cocurrent organic reservoirs, but from the bottom up.

Dr. Gold strongly believes that oil is a "renewable, primordial soup continually manufactured by the Earth under ultrahot conditions and tremendous pressures. As this substance migrates toward the surface, it is attacked by bacteria, making it appear to have an organic origin dating back to the dinosaurs."
Good news for the rapidly growing oil-dependent economies of Southeast Asia and for American drivers. Bad news for the professional doom mongers.

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