Friday, April 09, 2004


I just checked and found out that my Kerry Mockery page is the number two result in Google when you enter "kerry mockery." Yeah! Now if all you good readers would just get the word out and start some linkery happening, we can get it to Number One! Go team go!!

By the way, have any of you noticed that after you visit you have a little Mike-head in your URL bar and bookmarks? I finally figured out how to do the favicon thing. That's right, my fat mug can stare at you all day long. I know you welcome this exciting new feature.

I'm hoping to use tonight to assemble Carol's Wallop. Oooh...nasty, nasty. If any of you have ideas or suggestions for graphics, please email me with 'em. I will keep confidentiality if you ask, and give credit otherwise.

I also need to do some site maintenance and updating. And I need to restart my efforts at moving Half-Bakered to a Moveable Type blog set-up on the site.

So much work, so little me.

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