Saturday, April 10, 2004


There was a story yesterday about scientists finding evidence that humans and cats were interacting nearly twice as early as first thought. The evidence is slim, though, mostly interpretation of the placement of cat bones next to a prominent person's grave.

Previous thinking was Egyptians domesticated North African wildcats around 4000BCE, but this grave in Cyprus dates back to almost 8000BCE.

I have to say that I love cats. Dogs are fine, but they're dumb. Kick a dog (Not that you ever should; this is only a metaphor. ) and it will come running back wanting to play. Kick a cat and you'll lose some flesh. Not only that but it will pee on your bed and poop in your clothes hamper. I actually had a cat do just that because I wouldn't share my pizza. He loved to eat mushrooms, even though he immediately threw them right back up. Go figure....

I share my home with a cat. A four year old orange tabby named Bennie. Read the linked page to find out why she has a boy's name. Bennie picked me out to take care of her and I'm glad she did. She's a real sweetie. Not the brightest bulb on the marquee, but very affectionate.

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