Thursday, April 08, 2004

Thursday Link Fest

Doin' it Insta-style:

* The Village Voice looks at the corrections policy of the national papers and offers some cogent suggestions.

* Crime & Federalism is a great new blog that "studies the intersection between federalism and federal criminal laws." He begins from the idea that there are far too many Federal crimes, crimes better suited for State prosecution, and goes from there.

* Randy E. Barnett, of the Boston University School of Law, is also a blogger at The Volokh Conspiracy. He has an excellent study available for download at titled, "Was the Right to Keep and Bear Arms Conditioned on Service in an Organized Militia?" The short answer is "No."

* Over at Choas Manor, Jerry Pournelle has a great reader letter and his own rant on President Bush, Saudi Arabia and oil, and vote rigging. Hopefully it leads you to do some of your own reading!

* In the UK Guardian, author Mario Vargas Llosa has an excellent essay on the meaning and the dangers of the Madrid bombing. He misses it a little, because he is European and Socialist, but it's still good.

* Would you like to know how to make a Land O Lakes boobie trick? I'm sure you would. BTW, I really love their unsalted butter sticks. I switched a few years ago, when I cut salt in my diet. Very tasty! (WARNING! Not work safe.)

* Did you know that there was a Communist Star Trek? It's true! Read the sad, strange story of the starship Red Adventurer.

* This Commercial Appeal story says "Four gay couples denied licenses." Umm...isn't gay marriage illegal in Tennessee? Wouldn't that headline be like saying, about a vagrant who tries to steal groceries, "Homeless man denied food"? No, no bias here....

* The Alternative Press Review, which is a lot farther to the Left than the majority of Democrats, reviews the new liberal Air America radio lineup and finds it very wanting. And just plain bad.

* I am proud to say that when I ran across a "caption this photo" contest about the college girl who faked a kidnapping, I had no idea who she was! That's right, watching very little television makes Mr. Mike a good boy.

* Most of you likely missed it, but the new Director of the CIA, Maxwell Smart, testified before Congress just recently. No Cones of Silence were used, though.

* The new Batman movie continues filming and it still is looking good. You can pics of Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne here. He's proving to be a great casting choice.

* Longmire of The (Almost) Daily Comment has a photo-illustrated set of instructions for installing a DVD player. It's a can't miss!

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