Thursday, April 08, 2004

It's A Feature, Not A Bug

Hi, I'm back. I'm not gonna bother explaining these absences any more except to say that depression, mild agoraphobia and a big dollop of self-doubt are as much a part of me as the analytical intellect, the offbeat humor and the way with words. The breaks are gonna happen. Just expect them. I won't leave for good, but I will be gone now and again. This is what I want to do, except for the parts of me that disagree.

The upside is I have a full bladder of bile for ya. I'm itching to wield the Scalpel of Cool Regard. Lots below and hopefully more to come on Friday. I have added some more graphics to the Kerry Mockery page, and am planning a Carol Chumney "Wallop" page. I already have some graphics for it, and if you've seen the nastiness of the Kerry Mockery page, you know it won't be nice. No, not at all.

So, read, enjoy. Talk with ya later.

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